25 Haziran 2009 Perşembe

Weight Loss Tips 1: Be Honest! Are you ready?

The success of your weight loss depends on your steadiness. Now this questions measure your willpower in a challenging way.

Do family and friends support your weight loss?

Someone's support is very important for a weight loss program. Motivation is a way to success.

Do you believe you can change your eating habits?

If you don't believe, you can fail. It sounds easy, but in pratice it is so much difficult. Make your change slowly and be strong.

Do you want a quick loss or a slow one?

The answer is very important. If you want loss your weight quickly, you couldn't keep your weight long time.When loss your weight quickly, you loss only water and muscle. But loss your weight slowly you loss some water and lots of fat. This is the healthier way of loss weight. Also you can keep your weight stable long term.

Is your weight loss goal realistic?

You should aim for a weight loss of 1 kg a week. Maybe first time this aim can be 1,5 kg a week. But don't forget when you loss your weight slowly, you lose fat.

Do you think you can change your physical activity habits?

Physical activity habits can change your body shape with eating habits. If you want healthy weight, you should believe you can make possitive changes on physical activity habits. Healthy eating and doing exercise basic rule of healthy living.

Do you have any failure in a weight loss program story?

Experience from the past always motivates you. From now on, you know how you can lose your weight. Don't stop, overcome barriers in front of you.

If you say yes all these questions, you are ready to healthy living. But if you say no to even only one question, you should think why.

If you fear, you can ask help from your family and friends or a professional dietician to motivate you.

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  1. keep going! I'd like to read about diets because I feel so fat now))